As all Electrical Installations have the potential to deteriorate over time, due to a number of stress related influences, it is essential to Inspect, Maintain and Repair all electrical systems. Failure to implement a regular program of Electrical Inspection Condition Reports(EICR), could result in serious consequences as well as affecting your insurance policies.

An EICR at a domestic property is recommended at least every 10 Years, but it is not uncommon that this gets ignored for much longer periods.

For Landlords it is recommended that the property be Inspected & Tested at least every 5 years or with change of tenants.

Commercial/Industrial  – A commercial or industrial property is recommended to be Inspected & Tested at least every 5 years or change of occupancy. However, it is essential that regular planned maintenance and repairs are made on a frequent basis to keep the electrical installation in a satisfactory and safe condition.

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